Pepper Joke of the Day

Had a co-worker share share this with me today:


How do you know when peppers are getting too nosy?


When they get jalapeño business……


I’m here all week folks; tip your waitresses and try the veal…..


Thanks Nathan!


Well folks, sometimes we strive to succeed and in some cases we succeed a bit more than we should.  I’ve got (or should I say I had) a very large cherry tomato plant that, with the addition of copious amounts of rain over this past weekend, literally collapsed under its own weight.  Check out these shots:

This is a few weeks before it happened.  Look at the size of that beast.


And after it fell over…


And after I cleaned it all up:

Post Cleanup

Now, I’ve grown tomatoes in the past but in the last couple of years they’ve gotten so big that they’ve become a nuisance.  Their size intrudes upon the other plants and the white flies that attack them are very difficult to manage.  So, in an attempt to prevent this from happening again I summoned my neighbor from across the street to ask about how to properly prune a tomato plant.

He informed me that most of the time the trouble comes from the side shoots from the base of the plant and that if these are pruned early and often, the result should be to force most of the new growth toward the center of the plant and hopefully upward instead of outward.  Which hopefully will yield a taller, yet more stable, tomato plant.  Here’s a video that I found where they discuss this very thing: