Hot Thai Ornamental Pepper

I’m very excited about this new addition to our pepper plant collection this year.  As it’s name implies it’s used in a number of exotic dishes and leads to the classic heat that many Asian dishes are known for. Even though I’m formally unfamiliar with it I’m sure that I’ve had it in some random Asian dish that I’ve eaten over the years – and enjoyed the searing heat that it’s named for.

The Hot Thai has a Scoville rating of 50,000 to 100,000 (for comparison jalapenos have a Scoville rating of 2,500 to 8,000 so this baby is smoking!) so the heat factor is pretty intense.  It yields about 50 one to two inch thin-skinned peppers per plant, which is pretty good.  For comparison, last year I was lucky to get 20-25 jalapeno’s per plant.  Although I must say that the incredible heat of our jap’s last year more than made up for any disappointment in yield – but that’s a subject best left for a future post ;) .

Mature Hot Thai plants yield both green and red peppers but unlike other pepper plants these are sometimes grown specifically for their aesthetic qualities (hence the name “ornamental”) and less so for human consumption.  So, in one sense this pepper plant has a figurative one-stop shop: high yield, high heat and it looks good in your garden.  What more could a passionate pepper grower want?  Here’s a shot of one of our plants:

:Hot Thai Ornamental

I expect good things from this plant (in fact I have about five of them just to play it safe ;) so I’ll keep everyone posted on it’s (and their) progress.