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The Jalapeno’s Have Arrived

June is almost gone, the days are heating up and the nights are getting shorter – ah, the joys of summer!  Guess what else epitomizes the best summer EVER?  That’s right baby, a big fat juicy Jalapeno pepper that you grew from scratch in your backyard!  I’ve decided to scale back a bit this year [...]

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Habanero Honey Whiskey

So, I already know what most of you are thinking when you read the above title to this post and I’m sure it goes something like this, “Habanero Honey Whiskey sounds like something that’s used during a fraternity hazing ritual”.  And while I can’t personally vouch for the specifics of greek culture on most college [...]

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Spring Has Sprung!

So the harsh winter months will not be missed my many, myself included, but those cold winds and icy conditions do make the experience of warmer days all the more enjoyable.  Lately, when I’ve found myself lamenting cooler that normal days, I need only remind myself that not too long ago I was having to [...]

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Chili Chocolate?

So over the holiday’s at our house sweets are passed around freely and without fail I always get a chance to try something different or unique as well as enjoy some of the classics.  This year was pretty cool though in that I came across something that I’ve never had before – Lindt’s Chili Chocolates.  The chocolates [...]

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2013 – The P4P Year in Review

So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted and it’s been mostly because I’ve been swamped with year-end nonsense and the chores that came with the conclusion of our growing season and the cleanup that that activity entails.  So, I thought that I’d give everyone a wrap-up (albeit a very late one) of what worked [...]

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Pepper Joke of the Day

Had a co-worker share share this with me today:   How do you know when peppers are getting too nosy?   When they get jalapeño business……   I’m here all week folks; tip your waitresses and try the veal…..   Thanks Nathan!

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Well folks, sometimes we strive to succeed and in some cases we succeed a bit more than we should.  I’ve got (or should I say I had) a very large cherry tomato plant that, with the addition of copious amounts of rain over this past weekend, literally collapsed under its own weight.  Check out these [...]

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This Season’s Bounty

Howdy folks!  While this season started out slow, the weather finally came together during July and August and our yields this year, while not as great as last year, are nothing to be ashamed of.  Check this out:   Lots of tomatoes (unlike last year, damn white flies), bells, bananas, yummy snacking bells, japs and [...]

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Hot Golden Cayenne Peppers – They’re Smokin’!

Howdy folks!  Well I’m glad to be back from an extended absence and I promise to make up for the lost time.  I’m here today to let you know about another of my pepper plants that I’m really excited about. Last year I grew a whole slew of green and red cayennes and they became [...]

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Hot Thai Ornamental Pepper

I’m very excited about this new addition to our pepper plant collection this year.  As it’s name implies it’s used in a number of exotic dishes and leads to the classic heat that many Asian dishes are known for. Even though I’m formally unfamiliar with it I’m sure that I’ve had it in some random [...]

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