Welcome to Passion for Peppers!  My name is Richie King and the idea to create P4P came to me as I was sampling some pickled jalapeno/cayenne/banana peppers that I canned the previous summer.  As I looked into the jar at the various colors (yellows, reds and greens) I thought that it would be really cool to put together a blog that chronicled my love for peppers and the joy that comes from growing then eating some new variety that I’ve never experienced.  I’ve yet to come to end of a growing season and not been satisfied with what we’ve produced or the overall experience.

My wife and I along with our five boys live in central Indiana just north of Indianapolis in a fairly dense suburban area.  I started growing peppers in my back yard with my wife a few years ago and every year our crop and yields continue to get larger and more varied.  We love to use what we grow in our cooking or finding some new use for our surplus that’s new and exciting.  I also like to visit our local farmers markets and sample what others in the area are producing.

We like to plant a wide variety of peppers and I try to grow a few new ones each year.  I’m not a pepper expert but I’m learning more and more with each passing season.  I love that each pepper variety is different in color, texture and taste.  Not to mention the varied level of heat with each one, which I love to discover.  Some are sweet, some have just a hint of heat while others will numb your mouth they’re so hot.  It’s the journey of discovery that I love so much and I hope that when you visit you’ll take away some of that love and passion for yourself.