Chili Chocolate?

So over the holiday’s at our house sweets are passed around freely and without fail I always get a chance to try something different or unique as well as enjoy some of the classics.  This year was pretty cool though in that I came across something that I’ve never had before – Lindt’s Chili Chocolates.  The chocolates were packaged with several varieties and the Chili Chocolate was just one among several unusual pairings.  Think a Touch of Orange, Sea Salt and 70% Cocoa.
IMG_1012 IMG_1013
Now, before you assume that Chili Chocolate registers an eleventy on the yuck-meter (unlike Chocolate Cheese – which breaks said meter) this particular confection really isn’t half bad.  It’s a dark chocolate and you only taste a hint of heat at the very end and even then it’s very mild.  Not as tasty as the Touch of Orange and definitely better than the Sea Salt.  If you’re interested in trying out a sample of these chocolates you can purchase them here.  Go Broncos!
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